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Product security and digtal health hub
We are building the world's most comprehensive product security and digital health hub

Our vision is to leverage our p2FA technology to build the world's most comprehensive product security and digital health hub. The goal of p2FA is to mobilise the customer 'workforce' to help address the problem of counterfeit medicines - now estimated to be worth $432B each year (NIH-NCBI, 2024). In return, customers will get access to a range of important features. Here is how we plan to do it.

Step 1. Connect p2FA authentication to warranty/product guarantee registrations, build first order features such as access to product information, adherence reminders, repurchase reminders.

Step 2. Build additional features including adverse events reporting, diverted products reporting, and product recall notifications.

Step 3. Incorporate manufacturer driven reward schemes, discounts on future purchases, and promotional offers.

Step 4. Connect customers, patients, and medical health professionals to other third party verified digital health and wellness platforms. 

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How we help

How our platform will help your company

Company wants to engage customers to drive return sales. A unique aspect of our p2FA platform is that it motivates customers to engage directly with your company’s product. This enables us to build the most comprehensive product security and digital health platform in existence. First, we will drive customer engagement by leveraging p2FA product authentication with warranty guarantee registrations, access to product information, and re-purchase reminders. Next, we will build second order functionalities such as adverse events reporting, diverted products reporting, and product recall notifications. Finally, we will enable company driven reward schemes such as discounts on future purchases and access to promotional offers. Together, this gives your company the attention of a community of engaged customers, and ability to drive return sales.


Company seeks to differentiate products based on brand reputation and trust. Brand reputation and trust is directly dependent on customer access to authentic and safe products. Our p2FA platform achieves this by mobilising a free labour force of engaged customers that function as a product security surveillance team, automatically notifying a manufacturer of counterfeit, substandard, and diverted goods. This is a particularly important tool in countries where product serialisation does not exist, and counterfeiting is common. Customers will prioritise brands and products that they can trust, particularly for products that affect their health, and the health of their families. We secure the sale of any product through any channel and provide a clear point of brand differentiation from competitors.


Company wants to expand online sales without losing important customer data to e-commerce platforms. Online retailers provide brands with undeniable opportunities to increase their customer base and drive sales. Dispersed e-commerce outlets and highly proscriptive platforms can complicate, or completely prohibit, a company’s access to customer data. This has driven some of the biggest companies in the world, including Nike, Bayer and LVMH, to cease product sales on various online platforms, and take back control of their brand. Nucleotrace’s p2FA allows companies to have improved visibility of their sales pipeline, easily aggregate and analyse customer data, and remain platform-agnostic to online retailers.


Company is concerned about litigation arising from substandard and counterfeit products. In many countries, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are exposed to both criminal and civil penalties for selling substandard products that result in injury or death. Product liability insurance is also a significant cost. Nucleotrace’s p2FA and PITTs platforms provide a definitive and legally defensible forensic test for counterfeits that can be undertaken in the field in less than 20 minutes. This is significant because it limits legal liability and gives companies the responsiveness to contain public relations fallout.


Company needs a solution to protect against product diversion. Product diversion is the sale of a legitimate product into an unauthorised geographical location. This is a problem for pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufactures who have unique pricing agreements with different countries. Nucleotrace p2FA codes may be mapped to a batch number and cross-checked against geodata when scanned, allowing the rapid identification of diverted products. These data may be extremely valuable in identifying and shutting down unauthorised distributors and resellers.


Company wants a low-latency communication channel with customers to manage product liability risk (to implement product recalls, issue product security warnings, be notified about adverse events). Current product recall systems are subject to significant delays, not harmonised across different geographic regions, and do not provide a direct line of communication between companies and customers. Our p2FA platform permits low-latency recall notifications to be immediately sent to customers who have scanned a p2FA code associated with a defective batch, thereby improving safety, reducing exposure to litigation, and permitting proactive management of adverse public relations scenarios. Customers may also report adverse product effects directly to the manufacturer. 

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