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Tech oveview
The most advanced product security and traceability technology available.

We have developed two core platforms for a wide range of applications.

Two-factor authentication for physical products (p2FA). Nucleotrace has developed the first and only two-factor authentication for physical products. Our p2FA platform offers the security of product serialisation without the complexity. The platform leverages our patent protected auto-decommissioning identifier (ADI) technology. Like conventional 2FA, the ADI code 'times-out' (self destructs) after a package is opened, thereby eliminating replicated and reused package counterfeiting. To find out more, see our our one minute explainer on p2FA.


Product-integrated tracing tags (PITTs) platform. Existing supply chain technologies are insecure because transactions recorded on a database are only a proxy for what happens in the real world. Our PITTs platform solves this key insecurity by protecting the product - not just the package. Each product is given its own unique and personalised molecular fingerprint which allows us to create an unbreakable link between the virtual world of a database and the physical world of a product. This ensures maximum product safety, brand protection, and trust

Compact i-PITTs platform for field applications. Our rapid CPU encoding system permits real-time sample analysis in the field.

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