About us

Nucleotrace is a startup out of the University of Cambridge, UK, that specialises in synthetic DNA tracing and identification technology. We are now based in Melbourne, Australia.


Nick Owen

Nick has a Master of Engineering and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Cambridge, UK. He has an extensive publication record spanning the fields of applied mathematics, molecular biology, and energy technology. Prior to starting his PhD, Nick worked at leading interdisciplinary research centres in Australia, the UK and USA, where he provided strategic advice to governments at the interface of science and policy. Nick is listed as the inventor on many of the patents that are foundational to Nucleotrace technology. He has a long-standing interest in entrepreneurship and is excited about the rapid pace of change in the biotech industry.


Marris Dibley

Marris has obtained bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Science and PhD in Biochemistry from the Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute. He has published multiple high impact research papers in inter-disciplinary and field-specific journals including Nature and The American Journal of Human Genetics. Marris’ research, which focussed on determining novel causes and emergent therapies for specific metabolic dysfunctions, attracted funding from both government and non-profit organisations. Marris has extensive technical experience with molecular cloning, CRISPR-mediated genome editing and proteomic analysis. He is interested in primary biochemical research and how it can be translated to healthcare and the marketplace.   


Jarrod Voss

Jarrod holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK. He has published numerous research publications in the fields of molecular and structural biology, including papers in the prestigious journals Nature and Science. More recently, Jarrod has worked in a professional capacity with early-stage biotech startups in relation to intellectual property and market strategy. Jarrod is passionate about translating biotechnological research into tangible commercial outcomes which provide a benefit to public health.