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Nucleotrace ADIs are the only two-factor authentication (2FA) platform for physical products. ADIs are protected by patent.

Why are ADIs unique?

Why are ADIs unique?


ADIs are unique because they are the only two-factor authentication technology for physical products.

  • Customer driven solution. ADI auto-decommissioning is placed in the hands of the customer, who can visually observe real-time self-destruction of the unique identifier.

  • Do not rely on a change in customer behaviour. Two routes for ADI decommissioning - automatic decommissioning of the physical identifier, and virtual decommissioning of the identifier through a smartphone application. If the user fails to decommission virtually, automatic physical decommissioning acts as a safety-net and takes the unique identifier and package out of circulation. 

  • Increases trust, protects brand. Like 2FA that prevents fraudulent users appearing as legitimate, auto-decommissioning prevents fraudulent products appearing as legitimate.

  • Low implementation cost, low complexity. Manufacturers and customers don’t need to rely on individuals at, and upstream from, the point of sale to validate custody transactions and decommission serialisation identifiers correctly. Easily integrated into packaging processes as a post-manufacturing step. 

  • Drives customer engagement. Product validation may be linked to a rewards scheme on future purchases from member retailers, or linked to warranty verification, driving network effects that further secure pharmaceutical supply chains.

How are ADIs physical 2FA?

How are ADIs two-factor authentication (2FA) for physical products?


ADIs are two-factor authentication for physical products. After a customer opens a package, they have a 10 minute window to scan and validate a product before the unique identifier 'times out' or auto decommissions (self destructs).

The figure below shows how our ADI authentication protocol is directly equivalent to 2FA.

How ADIs are 2FA.png
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